Definitely too occasional thing submitter “Phorenzik” has some battery news for us all. Sadly, two of his three bits of battery news were a bit old and had been done before.

However, the lovely SAnxiA has made the cut. Whoever would’ve though the words “EXTRA-LAST” and “quality control” could co-exist?

“Hot pictures of a lovely pair of Titens attached. That’s not all though. There’s pictures of a rare SAnxiA and its incredibly humorous warning disclaimer too.”

“Also, as a bonus, there’s some pics of a battery called Jiafuli. MarioMark found them for me. You remember MarioMark don’t you? He’s my less-funnier sidekick. Incidentally, MarioMark and I actually work together again. Imagine that!

“I haven’t sent anything in for a while so you’ll have to feature this little lot or people will think I’ve died. Bye then” – Phorenzik.