It’s the return of Tom Hartley, the amazing Mayor of Belfast! This month, he’s been trying to associate himself with sport in an attempt to get in touch with the crucial 18-35 male voter demographic. There must be an election coming up.

We might start up another spin-off blog that’s entirely about the Mayor of Belfast, as he’s always up to something. The Belfast Press Archive is rammed – during May a staggering 50+ news items were reported. Belfast must be an extremely vibrant and exciting place!

Ironically the least inspiring photograph we’ve seen in months. It’s not Tom’s fault. it’s that other bloke. He’s just not giving anything. He’s sucking up the atmosphere like a SPONGE.

The Lady Mayor will not be happy about this one, Tom!

A reception was held for the Filipino community. We had no idea Belfast was so multicultural and ethnically diverse, either. If Tom Keeps on like this, Belfast will get the 2020 Olympics and the 2022 World Cup, easy.

Tom is so amazing we’re going to launch a new category – Photos of Tom Hartley Going About His Business. We will keep doing this until he stops being major, we get told to stop by one of his assistants, or he runs out of money and can’t afford to have a photographer accomapny him everywhere.