Have a go at typing “Jodrell Bank”. It’s great fun as it’s exactly the sort of thing Patrick Moore might also be typing at this very moment on a battered old typewriter with a tired old ribbon in it, in one of the sheds he goes in to hide from women, people, youths and sunlight, to write volume #21 of his memoirs.

Volume #21: 2006 – 2009. Yet More Years I Didn’t Think I’d See.

“Why has no one ever noticed that Jodrell Bank is held up by two happy-looking support people. I doubt it’s the Radio 1 Breakfast show they’re picking up as they don’t look too unhappy” – Noodles.

It’s rare we have to do this, but we’ve had to go over Noodles’ head and source a better image of the support-faces. We shouldn’t have bothered, as it doesn’t look as good up close.