The coffee machine’s a definite and extremely audacious ‘On Purpose’ face and the toilet isn’t very good at all. But the wall-mounted printer is extremely nice.

“I went to Rome at the weekend* and found this coffee machine with a face and comedy hat – we didn’t stay in the shop long because an elderly member of staff was following us around, mumbling stuff in Italian, and we got scared. If you look carefully you can see the look of fear on my face as my trembling hand takes the secret photo.”

“Imagine my delight when a few minutes later we also spotted a wall with a face at a nearby bank – this one has different coloured eyes like David Bowie and single, sinister, papery tooth. I would imagine the chance of seeing two gadgets with faces in the space of a few minutes is extremely small.”

“Finally as a special bonus I’ve added a photo of a toilet with a face that I spotted in London. I like how it looks a bit like Will Young or one of the Canadians in South Park. Apologies for the 2megapixel crapness of this image – I had to use my camera phone, as the last time I took my Nikon D3 with attached 400mm lens into some public toilets I got into all kinds of trouble. Kind thoughts” – David.

*David originally sent this email in last October. It is presented here as part of the Great Inbox Clearout of 2009. He didn’t go to Rome last weekend, just in case you’re his wife and he told you he was off to a business meeting in Hemel Hempstead with BenQ.