Comet’s awful attempt at seeing the future of the kitchen didn’t put it off trying to look into the future, so here’s how Comet thinks BUSINESS will be conducted five years from now.

Nice, but from a purely practical point of view, he’s going to really need a sit down by lunch time. The COMET of the future ought to get down to the HOMEBASE of the future and buy some chairs for the poor admin assistant.

There will be no sneakily looking at pornography in the office of the future. The press release talks about “immersive cocoons”. We don’t fancy the idea of being shut in a cocoon with pure, liquid business.

Future Vision: The Future of the Boardroom

As “The Apprentice” wraps up, Comet reveals that by 2019 ‘the boardroom’ will feature immersive cocoons, smart paint and video goggles

10 June 2009 – A new report by electrical specialist Comet, predicts that in ten years time the corporate boardroom along with TV shows like “The Apprentice”, will change dramatically. A number of technological developments will transform our working lives, our rapport with colleagues and the physical office environment as we know it.

In just five years time, Comet reveals that working from home will be a widespread working practice across the world; a combined solution to less business travel, saving money in our travel budgets and caring more for the environment. Technological advances will allow us to use virtual reality to transform our homes into the dream office we have always wanted. We will be working from home in bespoke “immersive cocoons”; a virtual reality multimedia pod that, through its surround screens and gesture interface, will allow us to virtually recreate any interactive office experience.

“Smart-paint” is another buzz word which will be hot on our lips in 2014; this invention of the future will act as a virtual screen that will enable us to see avatars of work colleagues on the wallpaper and surfaces in our homes. Comet predicts in five years time we will be conducting meetings with colleagues from the other side of the globe in our personal cocoons with the feeling that we are actually sharing our workspace together. At the end of the day, we will be able to press a privacy button that will return the home to normal so we can switch off and enjoy our evenings.

Much loved TV shows like “The Apprentice” will also change radically with the introduction of this new technology and could introduce a whole new format to the way we view television shows. Sir Alan’s trusted assistants could be axed using technology which enables him to see his workforce at any time and from any place. “Smart paint” on the walls will act as a virtual screen allowing Sir Alan to watch his contestants at work and keep an eye on every moment of “The Apprentice” task action.

Along with workplace advances, the entertainment world will also be much more interactive; viewers watching “The Apprentice” at home will be able to undertake challenges from Sir Alan using their own work cocoon. Those who would rather just enjoy the entertainment of the contestant battle, by 2019 will be using “smart eyewear” such as “active contact lens” or “video goggles” to watch the show virtually as if Sir Alan is literally standing in the living room.

Bob Darke, Comet’s Commercial Director commented, “We are excited by the research revealed. It’s amazing to think that in just five years time, such huge leaps in technology will have taken place, such as “immersive work cocoons” and “smart paint”. Our working habits and environment will be so much quicker, greener and smarter, benefitting people globally!”

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