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Gadgets with FACES #155: Jodrell Bank

Have a go at typing “Jodrell Bank”. It’s great fun as it’s exactly the sort of thing Patrick Moore might also be typing at this very moment on a battered old typewriter with a tired old ribbon in it, in one of the sheds he goes in to hide from women, people, youths and sunlight, to write volume #21 of his memoirs.

Volume #21: 2006 – 2009. Yet More Years I Didn’t Think I’d See.

“Why has no one ever noticed that Jodrell Bank is held up by two happy-looking support people. I doubt it’s the Radio 1 Breakfast show they’re picking up as they don’t look too unhappy” – Noodles.

It’s rare we have to do this, but we’ve had to go over Noodles’ head and source a better image of the support-faces. We shouldn’t have bothered, as it doesn’t look as good up close.

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Make her life a bit easier with the…

…Ergonomic Backpack Vacuum. From here. From America, funnily enough.

Although, if she’s the sort of woman who can’t relax until she knows the curtains have been vacuumed, she’s making a bit too much work for herself to begin with.

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Static non-powered objects with FACES #42 & #43: A stapler and a “sophisticated yogurt”

The stapler face doesn’t reveal itself until Act #3. Until you get to photo #3 you might think we’ve had a breakdown and are just uploading photos of desks.

Don’t worry. It is not that bad yet.

“Hello! Here are more things with faces! One is a sophisticated kind of
yoghurt and the other is a stapler! Greetings from Germany! I love
you!” – Chris

Thanks, Chris. It is good to feel loved, even if it is only by a man from Germany we’ve never met before. If we ever need someone to talk to about things, is it OK if we come over to Germany?

“I love you, Ren”

“Shut up, Stimpy”

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Michael Jackson is still breaking Twitter

As of 15.55 the following Friday. All this fuss. When Neil Tennant dies all computers around the world are going to EXPLODE. Cash point machines will stop working. Traffic lights will go haywire.

Neil Tennant, of course, will never die. If he ever needs a kidney we’re there for him.

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Lojo Ball came through with the high-res versions

But like a huge cake or massive pizza or an entire bag of fun size Mars bars, now we’ve got what we wanted we’re feeling a bit sick

They came ready to be printed out as posters. This is a bit presumptuous.

What part of sitting on a cushion could be considered a life-changing journey?

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Gadgets with FACES #152, 153 and 154: A coffee machine, printer and toilet

The coffee machine’s a definite and extremely audacious ‘On Purpose’ face and the toilet isn’t very good at all. But the wall-mounted printer is extremely nice.

“I went to Rome at the weekend* and found this coffee machine with a face and comedy hat – we didn’t stay in the shop long because an elderly member of staff was following us around, mumbling stuff in Italian, and we got scared. If you look carefully you can see the look of fear on my face as my trembling hand takes the secret photo.”

“Imagine my delight when a few minutes later we also spotted a wall with a face at a nearby bank – this one has different coloured eyes like David Bowie and single, sinister, papery tooth. I would imagine the chance of seeing two gadgets with faces in the space of a few minutes is extremely small.”

“Finally as a special bonus I’ve added a photo of a toilet with a face that I spotted in London. I like how it looks a bit like Will Young or one of the Canadians in South Park. Apologies for the 2megapixel crapness of this image – I had to use my camera phone, as the last time I took my Nikon D3 with attached 400mm lens into some public toilets I got into all kinds of trouble. Kind thoughts” – David.

*David originally sent this email in last October. It is presented here as part of the Great Inbox Clearout of 2009. He didn’t go to Rome last weekend, just in case you’re his wife and he told you he was off to a business meeting in Hemel Hempstead with BenQ.

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Toasters with ALTERNATIVE FUNCTIONS #2: The Technasonic 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker

We promised more. We are delivering more. This toaster may well be verging on oven status, but it does have one thing in its favour – a FRIED EGG FACE and lips made of MUFFIN!

Spotted by a “Darren” who found it on this horrendous web site which, we think, might become a bit of a favourite source of material.

They don’t need to tell us it’s ideal for studio apartments. It’s pretty obvious what sort of ‘demographic’ this is for.

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Static non-powered objects with FACES #41: A bike seat

“Jeremy” and his Canon DIGITAL IXUS 95 IS were out in the park. Jeremy was probably hanging about with his cool University friends, as that’s pretty much all people called Jeremy do as far as our life experiences of Jeremies go.

We’ve cropped it in a bit. There’s more background activity on the full sized shot, along with some pretty terrible artifacting in the middle distance which makes us happy about not going for an IXUS.

There’s a bonus upside-down sad face on its forehead. This is only usually visible after an accident. The straps represent blood streaming from a head wound. The driver just didn’t see them coming (because we was updating Twitter about the terrible road surface just before the roundabout).

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The SAnxiA “not leaky” battery with “characteristic of high power” – and an exclusive look at Phorenzik’s carpet

Definitely too occasional thing submitter “Phorenzik” has some battery news for us all. Sadly, two of his three bits of battery news were a bit old and had been done before.

However, the lovely SAnxiA has made the cut. Whoever would’ve though the words “EXTRA-LAST” and “quality control” could co-exist?

“Hot pictures of a lovely pair of Titens attached. That’s not all though. There’s pictures of a rare SAnxiA and its incredibly humorous warning disclaimer too.”

“Also, as a bonus, there’s some pics of a battery called Jiafuli. MarioMark found them for me. You remember MarioMark don’t you? He’s my less-funnier sidekick. Incidentally, MarioMark and I actually work together again. Imagine that!

“I haven’t sent anything in for a while so you’ll have to feature this little lot or people will think I’ve died. Bye then” – Phorenzik.

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Static non-powered objects with FACES about #40: Another ironing board

Who’d have though ironing boards would be such a hotbed of facial likenesses?

Sent in by a “Randy” who also sent photos of some pretty damn awesome batteries in the same email.

Randy used a Sony Ericsson K7501 to take the photos. He didn’t mention THAT in the email. He probably hoped we wouldn’t check.

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