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Extra-Last acquired by Idiot Toys

Extra-Last is proud to announce it has joined the Idiot Toys blogging empire. Usernames and passwords were exchanged yesterday, followed by a ceremonial burial ritual to mark the disposal of the previous 13 months of posts and memories.


Hit it with the shovel a few more times to make sure it’s dead.

We’re moving back to Idiot Toys Dot Com and you can come if you want.

For the benefit of those who don’t pay extremely close attention – the people we sold Idiot Toys to gave up on it and let the domain name expire. We bought it back, so may as well go back seeing as it’s always been the best “brand.”

Where did I put my glasses today?

I was just wearing them, and now they’ve gone. They must be around here somewhere. They have thick black frames, with differing polarised prescription lenses because one of my eyes is better at seeing brightness/contrast than the other.

lg 3d tv

Ah there they are. Thanks, Jessica. Pop them on my nose for me.

BATTERIES: The Daily-max

Have YOU had your Daily-max today?(TM) (r) (c)

And that’s not a bad photo for an iPhone. Apple has nearly caught up with 2004 Nokia.


“I thought these Daily-max AAAs were quite pretty. They came out of a set of kitchen scales (which have a groovy blue-lit top surface – probably nice for weighing drugs on). Photo taken by and sent (hopefully) from my correctly-held iPhone 4 (work made me have it – I’d never actually buy one myself…)” – Neil.

Gadgets with FACES #200: An LG LED Projector

We have limped over another milestone. It’s not the greatest Gadget with FACE we’ve ever had, but it’s a searing photoshoot and the best we can muster up for GWF #200.

LG LED Projector 1

Ideally, it, and by “it” we mean the projector, would have something to mirror the focus wheel, so it had “eyebrows” on both side of its face.

LG LED Projector 2

Also, it would be nice if it, and by “it” we mean the projector, had ventilation holes to either side, which could then be considered “ears”.

LG LED Projector 3

It’s also a shame that the LG logo doesn’t look more like a mouth.

LG LED Projector 4

And it would be nicer if the large dial was offset slightly lower, more akin to a “nose”.

LG LED Projector 5

Apart from that…

Static non-powered objects with FACES #54

Some buildings.

screaming buildings 1

“These were taken last year whilst on a boat on the Nile” – Brooza.

screaming buildings 2

No need to boast. Air travel is affordable to almost everyone these days.

Static non-powered objects with FACES #45: A crying toilet

Imagine what it has witnessed. Swaying drunks supporting their heads on the wall and weeing on their shoes. Day in, day out. You would cry too, if it happened to you.

crying elephant

“Good day, I recently spotted this tearful slave elephant busily washing away men’s urine, pubic hair, phlegm, bogies, jizz etc., and thought of you. I’d hasten to add that I don’t normally think of men in toilets (I presume you are a man?) or actively use a camera in one either. Pic taken on my work mobile (some basic Nokia effort). Please don’t use my real name – let me think up a random one… how about ‘George Michael'” – George Michael.


We don’t think it’s unreasonable to suggest the viewer is being encouraged to mentally insert a penis into the space where this MP3 player sits.

DSC08716 crop 4

Only mentally. Physically would require permission forms to be filled out and signed by her parents and frankly that’s more trouble than it’s worth.

DSC09215 crop 3

Grip it properly! Don’t be timid. We’re not paying you to be timid. Use all your fingers.

Walkman A840 1

Brace yourself for the next photo. It’s a “How did that one get in here?” joke.

Walkman E450 1

How did that one get in here?

Walkman A840 2

In this one she’s gazing at the belly button, wondering why the fluff is always blue to take her mind off it.

Walkman A840 3 Walkman E450 3

Generally rubbing it around.

Walkman E450 4

Eyes closed, teeth gritted in preparation for impact.

Guess the Function of the Thing

Got sent this, from a man called “Andy” who is unfortunate enough to get sent things like this all the time. BUT WHAT IS IT?

anion massager

It’s a one of these:


Print your LOGO on the Anion massager to make it an attractive gift !!

Creative design of Egg tumbler massager with joy of dance.

Easy control of touch design brings the comfort and joy of massage to you.

The massage lip with detachable design can be adjusted to adapt your choices of single point or multipoint massage.

Maintenance free battery, the low-carbon batteries with USB rechargeable recycling design.

High efficient negative-ion generator design , promotes the natural sense of relaxation.

Environmental Design of USB & Battery power supply.

Best Regards

Shenzhen Oddx Technology Co.Ltd


BATTERIES: 121MB of battery photos (misc)

From “GigerPunk”. He now sends us so much stuff we have to leave the image uploading tool running overnight. We think it’s safe to say you won’t ever see this many battery photos together on the same page again.

The words he sent in with them got lost. But it’s not about the words.